Greater Pittsburgh Labrador Retriever Club

Thursday & Friday

May 30 & May 31, 2019  

Greater Pittsburgh

Labrador Retriever Club

Back-to-back specialties, both with Sweepstakes

These shows are dedicated to the memory of Chuck Shultz, Gullwing Labradors.

Labrador Puppy Match on THURSDAY following the show. 

No Pre-Entries.  4-18 months eligible!


Starting a New Tradition – Fabian’s Fabulous Tailgate/Pot Luck Dinner!

About a half hour after the planned Match on Thursday, the grills will be fired up, a campfire built and picnic tables gathered for an evening with all your Labrador friends.
The GPLRC will provide soft drinks, desserts, plates and utensils.  We will also coordinate the main dishes.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish to share.  We will begin to coordinate the Tailgate using the GPRLC Facebook page.


Don’t miss our Annual Raffle Extravaganza and get your tossing arm ready

for the annual Chicken Chukking Contest at lunch break!


Show Venue:

Cooper’s Lake Campground at Slippery Rock, PA


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